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January - March 2017

Welcome to News and Special Offers

The number of items for sale will be over 28,000 by the time you read this. Of course if I suddenly have large sales this will slip and it may be some months before the target is reached, but 30,000 figure is in sight for the medium term. There is certainly no shortage of material to list!

There are a lot of new titles on Africa - especially Southern Africa and Nigeria/Biafra.
A big group of ILP pamphlets will be added next.

Every three months we will list a new selection of bargains these have to be ordered direct from us and not via ABE, where they are listed at the full price. The bargain price is given in brackets after the current price.

Please note that description of condition of book comes first then condition of dustwrapper if there is one.

[001544] Alba, Victor. POLITICS AND THE LABOR MOVEMENT IN LATIN AMERICA. Stanford University Press, 1968. Hb. Fine / Very Good. 404pp  £20.00  [£7.00]
[002032] Kahn, P et al. PICKETING - INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES, TACTICS AND THE LAW. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1983.  Paperback.  Very Good  223pp  £8.00  [£4.00]
[002037] Pennington, Bob. A DECLARATION OF WAR: THE PRIOR PROPOSALS. London: I.M.G. (International Marxist Group), 1980. Pamphlet. Good+  16pp  £5.00  [£2.00]
[002041] Dunn, S & Gennard, J THE CLOSED SHOP IN BRITISH INDUSTRY. Macmillan, 1984. Pb VG 181pp £11.00  [£4.00]
[002044] Lewis, R & Simpson, B. STRIKING A BALANCE? EMPLOYMENT LAW AFTER THE 1980 ACT. Martin Robertson, 1981. Pb. Good+  269pp The book covers closed shop, picketing, ballots, bargaining etc. Uncommon.  £15.00  [£7.00]
[003422] Clegg, H. GENERAL UNION: A STUDY OF THE NATIONAL UNION OF GENERAL AND MUNICIPAL WORKERS. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1954. Hardcover. Good / Good. 358pp  £7.00  [£3.00]
[003591] Considine, Bob. LARGER THAN LIFE - A BIOGRAPHY OF THE REMARKABLE DR. ARMAND HAMMER. London: W H Allen, 1976. Hardcover. Very Good / Very Good. 287pp  £6.00  [£3.00]
[004813] ENCORE. Paperback. Good 6 issues May/June 1962 - July/August 1965, incomplete. Contributors include Kustow, Wesker, Brook, Stuart Hall, Berger etc. Lot  £10.00  [£5.00]
[005564] Thomson, Marilyn. WOMEN OF EL SALVADOR. Zed Books, 1986. Paperback. Good 165pp  £4.00 [£2.00]
[006619] Hodgson, Geoffrey. THE EFFECTS OF JOINT PRODUCTION AND FIXED CAPITAL IN LINEAR ECONOMIC ANALYSIS. MA Thesis at Manchester University, 1974, 1974. Pb. Good 158pp Large format. Minor spine damage and very small tear in title page. Supervisor was Ian Steedman. Reproduced by Manchester Polytechnic.  £10.00  [£5.00]
[006661] Various. SOVIET RUSSIAN STORIES OF THE 1960s AND 1970s. Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1977. Hardcover. Very Good / Good. 419pp  £13.00  [£5.00]
[007547] Olgin, M J. MAXIM GORKI WRITER AND REVOLUTIONIST. London: Martin Lawrence, 1930. Hb. Fair / No Jacket. No date (early 1930s). 64pp  £10.00  [£4.00]
[007929] Afinogenev. DISTANT POINT. London: Pushkin Press, 1941. First Edition. Paperback. Good+ 95pp 1st Englsih edition. Translated by Hubert Griffith. A very clean copy.  £8.00  [£4.00]
[008757] Lindsay, Jack. THE PROBLEMS OF SOVIET WRITERS 12 page article. London: in "Marxist Quarterly" April 1955, 1955. Paperback. Good+  £5.00  [£2.00]
[008772] Hepple, B A; O'Higgins, P; Wedderburn. LABOUR RELATIONS STATUTES AND MATERIALS. Sweet and Maxwell, 1979. Pb. Good. 673pp H&S at Work Act, TULRA, SDA, EPA, Race Relations Act, IT Regs etc etc.  £20.00  [£7.00]
[008963] Dyck, Ian (ed.). CITIZEN OF THE WORLD - ESSAYS ON TOM PAINE. Croom Helm, 1987. Hb. Very Good / Very Good. 152pp  £10.00  [£5.00]
[010524] Ewing, Keith (ed.). WORKING LIFE - A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON LABOUR LAW. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1996. Paperback. Very Good 367pp  £8.00  [£4.00]
[011029] Leventhal, F M. RESPECTABLE RADICAL - GEORGE HOWELL AND VICTORIAN WORKING CLASS POLITICS. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1971. Hb. Good+ / No Jacket. ISBN: 0297002244. 276pp Howell was founder member of the TUC, active in last days of Chartism to early days of the Labour Party and one of the first working class MPs.  £5.00 [£2.00]
[012107] MacDougall, Ian (ed.) ESSAYS IN SCOTTISH LABOUR HISTORY. John Donald, 1978. First Edition. Hb. Good / Good. 265pp Includes articles on Trades Councils in 19th century; Strikes by miners in West of Scotland, 1842-1874; Irish Immigrants; Farm Servants & unionisation; 1926; the New Left; Guy Aldred etc. Dw very lightly sunned.  £12.00  [£5.00]
[012231] Various. RADICAL AMERICA Vol. 5 No.4, July/Aug 1971. Radical America, 1971. Paperback. Good 96pp Features on Women in US History.  £6.00  [£3.00]
[013198] Wheeler, Wendy (ed.). THE POLITICAL SUBJECT - ESSAYS ON THE SELF FROM ART, POLITICS AND SCIENCE. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 2000. Paperback. Good+   294pp New ideas about politics from multi-disciplinary approach - culture, science, psychology.  £8.00  [£4.00]
[013493] Raptis, Michel. REVOLUTION AND COUNTER REVOLUTION IN CHILE: A DOSSIER ON WORKERS' PARTICIPATION IN THE REVOLUTIONARY PROCESS. London: Allison & Busby, 1974. Paperback. Good 174pp Previous owner's name inside cover.  £7.00  [£3.00]
[014627] Kostyukhin, Dmitry. THE WORLD MARKET TODAY. Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1979. Hb. Good / Good. 216pp  £12.00  [£5.00]
[014640] Various. WORLD ECONOMY IN CRISIS - CSE CONFERENCE 1983. Conference of Socialist Economists, 1983. Paperback. Fair 139pp Papers for the Conference; including R Jenkins, D Elson, M Spence, Alan Milburn, L Levidow, M Itoh, T Hayter etc. Front cover detached.  £15.00  [£7.00]
[014666] Kojima, Kiyoshi. DIRECT FOREIGN INVESTMENT - A JAPANESE MODEL OF MULTINATIONAL BUSINESS OPERATIONS. Croom Helm, 1978. Hb.  Very Good / Good.   246pp  Uncommon  £30.00 [£15.00]
[014678] Florence, P Sargant. THE LOGIC OF BRITISH AND AMERICAN INDUSTRY. Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1972. Hb. Good+ / Good. 413pp Dorothy Wedderburn's copy.  £10.00  [£4.00]
[014682] Vaizey, John (ed.). ECONOMIC SOVEREIGNTY AND REGIONAL POLICY - A SYMPOSIUM ON REGIONAL PROBLEMS IN BRITAIN & IRELAND. Gill & Macmillan, 1975. Hb. Good+ / Good. 281pp  £9.00  [£4.00]
[014701] Galbraith, John Kenneth. THE CULTURE OF CONTENTMENT. Sinclair-Stevenson, 1992. Hb. Very Good / Good. ISBN: 1856191478. 195pp Slight trace of sticker on cover.  £9.00  [£3.00]
[014721] No author stated. ACTION DEFEATS THE BILL. London: Liaison Committee for the Defence of Trade Unions, 1982. Pamphlet. Good 15pp How the Industrial Relations Act of 1972 was defeated  £5.00  [£2.00]
[015186] Ames, Russell. IMPLICATIONS OF NEGRO FOLK SONG - 12 page article. in "Science and Society" Spring, 1951, 1951. Paperback. Fair American Marxist journal.  £5.00  [£2.00]
[015285] Various. LET'S SING TOGETHER - 48 BRITISH AND AMERICAN SONGS. Berlin: Volk & Wissen Volkseigener, 1987. Paperback. Very Good 96pp Published in the GDR. Words, and Notes to the songs, in English, with some translations of difficult expressions into German.  £9.00  [£4.00]
[016554] Korneichuk, A. WINGS. Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1955. Paperback. Good No date (mid 1950s). 132pp Small format.  £8.00  [£4.00]
[017478] Sholokhov, Mikhail. AT THE BIDDING OF THE HEART. Progress Publishers, 1973. HB   Good+ / Good. 265pp Collection of articles, speeches and essays on autobiographical and literary themes. Introduction by Y Lukin.  £15.00 [£6.00]
[017740] Srampickal, Jacob. VOICE TO THE VOICELESS: THE POWER OF PEOPLE'S THEATRE IN INDIA. Hurst, 1994. Paperback.  Good+  273pp  £12.00  [£6.00]
[018063] Moran, Michael. THE POLITICS OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS: THE ORIGINS, LIFE & DEATH OF THE 1971 INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS ACT. London: Macmillan, 1980. Hb. Good+ / Good+. 195pp  £15.00  [£6.00]
[018487] Gorky, Maxim. CULTURE AND THE PEOPLE. New York: International Publishers, 1939. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 224pp Exterior slightly dulled.  £14.00  [£5.00]
[018491] Lomidze, G et al. UNITY: COLLECTED ARTICLES ON MULTI-NATIONAL SOVIET LITERATURE. Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1975. Paperback. Good 319pp Cover very slightly soiled.  £9.00  [£4.00]
[018499] Snow, Charles. WRITERS AND READERS OF THE SOVIET UNION. London: Russia Today Society, 1943. Pamphlet. Good+ 20pp  £6.00  [£3.00]
[020034] Roussopoulos, Demetrios (ed.). CANADA AND RADICAL SOCIAL CHANGE. Black Rose, 1973. Paperback. Very Good. 276pp  £4.00  [£2.00]
[020928] Hanly, Francis & May, Tim. RHYTHMS OF THE WORLD. BBC Books, 1990. Paperback. Very Good 128pp Large format.  £7.00  [£3.00]
[020981] Dawe, Kevin (ed.). ISLAND MUSICS. Berg, 2004. Paperback. Fine 217pp Includes studies of Crete, Ibiza, Zanzibar, Trinidad, Cuba, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea  £15.00  [£6.00]
[022977] Capon, Eric. ACTORS AND AUDIENCES IN THE SOVIET UNION. London: Russia Today Society, 1943. Pamphlet. Good 20pp Cover bit worn.  £5.00  [£2.00]
[024923] Iovchuk, Mikhail. PHILOSOPHICAL TRADITIONS TODAY. Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1973. Hb. Very Good / Good. 317pp Leading Soviet philosopher and academic. Editor of the journal "Philosophical Sciences", and head of the Academy of Social Sciences of the CC of the CPSU.  £20.00  [£4.00]
[027176] Freeland, Jane. A SPECIAL PLACE IN HISTORY: THE ATLANTIC COAST IN THE NICARAGUAN REVOLUTION. London: Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign, 1988. Paperback.   Very Good  127pp  £12.00  [£3.00]
[027460] Solodovnikov, A et al. MOSCOW ART THEATRE. London: Soviet News, 1958. Pamphlet. Good 40pp Large format. Many illustrations. Includes Biographical Notes of actors.  £10.00  [£5.00]
[028647] Brown, Ivor (ed.); Dawson, Jerry. DRAMA: THE QUARTERLY THEATRE REVIEW Winter 1957. London: British Drama League, Pamphlet. Good 60pp Includes Jerry Dawson "Szekspir at Nowa Huta".  £5.00  [£2.00]
[030407] Johnson, Amryl. LONG ROAD TO NOWHERE. London: Virago, 1985. Paperback. Very Good 3.00]64pp Trinidad-born Black English poet.  £8.00  [£3.00]
[030409] More, Hannah. THE POETICAL WORKS. Halifax: Milner and Sowerby, 1864. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 214pp Frontispiece engraved portrait is slightly loose. Exterior dulled.  £20.00  [£10.00]
[030431] Hett, Keith. POINT OF AYR COLLIERY POEMS. Self-published, 1986. Pamphlet. Very Good No date (c1986?) 42pp Poems by Communist and NUM activist from the last pit in North Wales. Mainly about fellow workers, and managers, and very funny.  £15.00  [£6.00]
[030993] Baron, John T. A COTTON TOWN CHRONICLE. Accrington: John Baron, 1978. Pamphlet. Good 88pp Originally published under the pseudonym of "Jack 'O' Ann's" in late 19th century/early 20th. They are in Lancashire dialect and reflect working life in Blackburn; the author was an engineer and official of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers.  £28.00  [£10.00]
[031623] Birjukov, B V. TWO SOVIET STUDIES ON FREGE. Dordrecht: D Reidel Publishing Co., 1964. Hb. Good / Fair. 101pp  £15.00  [£7.00]
[031628] Carpenter, Edward. THE DRAMA OF LOVE AND DEATH. London: George Allen & Unwin, 1926. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 299pp  £12.00  [£5.00]
[032184] Manuilsky, D Z. THE COMMUNIST PARTIES AND THE CRISIS OF CAPITALISM. London: Modern Books, 1931. First Edition. Paperback. Good 121pp Speech to 11th Plenum of the Executive Committee of the Communist International, March-April 1931.  £20.00  [£10.00]
[032589] MONTHLY REPORTS 1861-66. London: Amalgamated Society of Engineers, 1873. Hb. Good In one heavy volume. Recently professionally rebound in green cloth and marbled boards. Branch lists reporting on state of trade & members on benefits, notices, disputes/strikes, emigration etc. First page has ASE stamp.  £150.00  [£75.00]
[032670] No author stated. THE IRANIAN WORKING CLASS: A SURVEY OF CONDITIONS, REPRESSION AND STRUGGLES. London: Committee Against Repression in Iran, 1977. Pamphlet. Good. 32pp  £10.00  [£5.00]
[032730] Dobrolyubov, N A. SELECTED PHILOSOPHICAL ESSAYS. Moscow: Foreign Language Publishing House, 1956. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 659pp Cover a bit marked. Author was an important 19th century revolutionary Russian literary critic and philosopher.  £12.00  [£5.00]
[035194] Chatterji, P.C. AN INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHICAL ANALYSIS. Bombay: Kitab Mahal , 1957. Hb. Good / Fair. No date (1957?). 172pp  £20.00  [£6.00]
[035562] Thornhill, Teresa; Bindman, Geoffrey (Foreword). MAKING WOMEN TALK: THE INTERROGATION OF PALESTINIAN WOMEN DETAINEES. London: Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights, 1982.  Paperback. Good  107pp  £10.00  [£5.00]
[035636] PROGRAMME OF THE YOUNG COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL. London: Young Communist League, 1929. Paperback. Fair 83pp  £15.00  [£7.00]
[035797] Somerville, Alexander; Carswell, John (ed.). THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A WORKING MAN. London: Turnstile Press, 1951. Hardcover. Good / Fair. 283pp Childhood in rural Scotland, he worked in Edinburgh and became a soldier. Court martialled for writing to the press saying the soldiers could not be depended upon to defend peaceful Chartist demonstrations. Later became a journalist. First published in 1848.  £8.00  [£4.00]
[036794] Greaves, C Desmond. FOUR LETTER VERSES AND THE MOUNTBATTEN AWARD. London: Martin Brian & O'Keefe, 1983. First Edition. Paperback.  Good  74pp   With author's dedication.  £25.00  [£12.00]
[036810] Whitehouse, J Howard (MP). ESSAYS ON SOCIAL AND POLITICAL QUESTIONS. Cambridge University Press, 1913. First Edition. Hardcover. Signed by Author. Good / No Jacket. 95pp Personal dedication by author. Includes essays on Bulgaria and Serbia; Britain and Germany; Canon Barnett; Ruskin etc. Uncommon.  £40.00  [£20.00]
[037456] Mundlak, Guy. FADING CORPORATISM: ISRAEL'S LABOR LAW AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS IN TRANSITION. ILR Press, Cornell University, 2007. Hb. Fine / Very Good.  280pp Owner's initials on front free endpaper. Almost as new.  £25.00  [£8.00]
[037470] George, Henry. THE CRIME OF POVERTY. London: United Committee for Taxation of Land Values, 1934. Pamphlet. Good 26pp  £15.00  [£7.00]
[037956] Kaufman, Michael. JAMAICA UNDER MANLEY: DILEMMAS OF SOCIALISM AND DEMOCRACY. London: Zed Books, 1985. First Edition. Paperback. Very Good    282pp  £8.00  [£4.00]
[038024] Goodman, J F B; Armstrong, E G A; Davis, J E; Wagner, A. Rule-Making and Industrial Peace: Industrial Relations in the Footwear Industry. London: Croom Helm, 1977. Hb. Very Good / Very Good. 213pp  £15.00  [£6.00]
[038766] Kahveci, Erol; Sugur, Nadir; Nichols, Theo (ed.). WORK AND OCCUPATION IN MODERN TURKEY. London: Mansell, 1996. Hb. Very Good / As issued - no dustwrapper.  211pp Laminated boards.  £10.00  [£5.00]
[038789] Amin, Samir; Arrighi, Giovanni; Frank, Andre Gunder; Wallerstein, I.  Dynamics of Global Crisis. London: Macmillan, 1982. Paperback.  Very Good  248pp  £8.00  [£4.00]
[039855] Said, Abdel Moghny; Ahmed, Samir. ARAB SOCIALISM. London: Blandford Press, 1972. Hb. Good / Good. 137pp Eric Heffer's copy.  £20.00  [£10.00]
[039858] Taylor, Alan R. THE ZIONIST MIND. Beirut: Institute for Palestine Studies, 1974. Paperback. Good 218pp Cover a bit worn.  £30.00  [£15.00]
[039913] Brown, S J (Ed.). POETRY OF IRISH HISTORY. Talbot Press, 1927. HB. Good / Fair. 381pp  £40.00 [£17.00]
[039924] Brutus, Dennis. POEMS FROM ALGIERS. Austin: African & Afro-American Research Institute, University of Texas, 1970. Pamphlet. Good 27pp Written while attending the Pan-African Cultural Festival. South African anti-apartheid activist and poet.  £20.00  [£10.00]
[040781] Castro, Fidel; Deutschmann, D & Shnookal, D (ed.). THE RIGHT TO DIGNITY: FIDEL CASTRO AND THE NONALIGNED MOVEMENT. Australia: Ocean Press, 1989. Pb. Good  130pp Selected speeches by Castro.  £8.00 [£3.00]
[040791] Gopaul, Nanda K. RESISTANCE AND CHANGE: THE STRUGGLES OF GUYANESE WORKERS (1964-1994) WITH EMPHASIS ON THE SUGAR INDUSTRY. New York: Inside News, 1997. First Thus.  Paperback. Good. 395pp uncommon.  £25.00  [£12.00]
[041228] Russell, Bertrand. ROADS TO FREEDOM. London: George Allen & Unwin, 1918. First Edition. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 215pp. Two pages have neat ink notes at bottom.  £25.00  [£12.00]
[041761] Green, John. IN LOVE AND ANGER. London: Artery Publications, 1982. Pamphlet. Good+. 16pp  £8.00 [£4.00]
[041780] Veenhoven, Willem A. CASE STUDIES ON HUMAN RIGHTS AND FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS: A WORLD SURVEY, VOL 1. The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, 1975. Hb. Good+ / Good. ISBN: 9024717809. 582pp Trace of stain at bottom of the cover. Internally very clean.  £20.00  [£6.00]
[043114] Dursun, Veli. AN OPEN LETTER TO COMMUNISTS. London: Iscinin Sesi Publications, 1980. Pamphlet. Good+ 35pp  £12.00  [£5.00]
[043673] Cole, Margaret et al.. ROBERT OWEN: INDUSTRIALIST, REFORMER, VISIONARY 1771-1858. London: R Owen Bicentenary Association, 1971. Pamphlet. Good+ 32pp 4 essays.  £6.00  [£3.00]
[044412] Tudor, Andrei. UPSURGE OF MUSIC IN THE RUMANIAN PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC. Bucharest: Foreign Language Publishing, 1956. Paperback. Good 23 page introduction. Rest of book unpaginated, consists of photographs.  £20.00  [£8.00]
[045149] Maguire, Robert A. Red Virgin Soil: Soviet Literature in the 1920's. Cornell University Press, 1987. Paperback. Good+  482pp  £12.00  [£6.00]
[045409] Ketlinskaya, Vera. DAYS OF OUR LIFE. Lawrence & Wishart, 1956. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 832pp  £10.00 [£5.00]
[046338] Cornforth, Maurice. SCIENCE VERSUS IDEALISM. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1946. First Edition. Hb. Good+ / No Jacket. 267pp Author's first book. Cornforth worked full time for the CPGB in the 1930s and from 1950 to 1975 he was managing director of Lawrence & Wishart.  £8.00  [£4.00]
[046416] Plekhanov, G. FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEMS OF MARXISM. London: Martin Lawrence, 1929. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 145pp Spine faded, but a very nice clean copy. 1st English edition. From 2nd Russian edition of 1928; translated by E & C Paul. Edited by D Ryazanov  £10.00  [£5.00]
[046980] Bealey, Frank. THE POST OFFICE ENGINEERING UNION, 1870-1970. London: Bachman & Turner, 1976. Hb. Very Good ISBN: 0859740498. 431pp Laminated boards, no dustwrapper as issued.  £8.00  [£4.00]
[047509] Witt, Hubert (ed.). BRECHT AS THEY KNEW HIM. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1980. Paperback. Very Good 243pp Translated by John Peet. Includes contributions from L Feuchtwanger, Elisabeth Hauptmann, Lotte Lenya-Weill, Walter Benjamin, Sergei Tretyakov, Arnold Zweig, M Frisch, A Seghers etc. Almost as new.  £8.00  [£4.00]
[047625] Wilson, J Havelock et al. ROYAL COMMISSION ON LABOUR: MINUTES OF EVIDENCE (SHIPOWNERS' PLOT UNMASKED). National Amalgamated Sailors' & Firemen's Union, 1891. Hb. Good 112pp Transcripts of the 17th to 20th Day of hearings from Group B (Transport and Agriculture), 24th to 27th November, 1891. Mainly consists of questioning of J H Wilson, but also Henry Friend, J B Lee, W A Allison, W Key, M A Darby. Rebound professionally with modern green cloth; the original textblock is a bit worn with very small tears to corner of 2 pages. Original cover loosely laid in.  £150.00  [£75.00]
[047902] Washburn, Charles A. THE HISTORY OF PARAGUAY WITH NOTES OF PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS Volume 1. New York: Lee and Shepard, 1871. Hardcover. Good / No Jacket. 571pp Exterior a bit worn, noticeably to head and tail fo spine. Original maroon pebbled cloth with gilt lettering and design on spine. Very slight looseness to front board. Internally very clean. Fold-out map inside back cover intact. Contemporary newspaper cutting tipped in.  £150.00  [£60.00]
[048467] Connelly, T J. THE WOODWORKERS, 1860-1960. London: Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers, 1960. Paperback. Good+ 120pp  £5.00  [£2.00]
[048524] Hodges, Donald & Gandy, Ross. MEXICO 1910-1976: REFORM OR REVOLUTION?. London: Zed Press, 1979. Hardcover. Good+ / Good.  194pp  Owners' names on front free endpaper.  £15.00  [£4.00]
[050191] Tuckett, Angela. THE PEOPLE'S THEATRE IN BRISTOL, 1930-45. CPGB, Our History Pamphlet No.72, 1979. Pamphlet. Very Good. 30pp  £4.50  [£2.00]
[052746] Cole, Margaret. ROBERT OWEN OF NEW LANARK. London: Batchworth Press, 1953. Hardcover. Good / Good. 231pp Closed tear to dustwrapper.  £5.00  [£2.00]
[052779] Knorin, V. FASCISM, SOCIAL DEMOCRACY AND THE COMMUNISTS. London: Modern Books, 1934. Pamphlet. Fair 52pp  £15.00  [£6.00]
[054071]. MILITANT LABOUR MEMBERS' BULLETIN Numbers 1 - 36. London: Militant Labour / Socialist Party, 1993. Paperback. Good Complete set from March 1993 to February 1999. A4 format. 2 have child's scribble on cover; 2 have cover stain. From No.21, the publisher is the Socialist Party after the change of name.  £150.00  [£60.00]
[054416] Kuusinen, O. 12th PLENUM E.C.C.I.: PREPARE FOR POWER. London: Modern Books, 1932. Paperback. Good 160pp Striking black & red cover. Small format.  £15.00  [£6.00]
[054417] Kuusinen, O. FASCISM, THE DANGER OF WAR AND THE TASKS OF THE COMMUNIST PARTIES (THIRTEENTH PLENUM OF THE E.C.C.I.). London: Modern Books, 1934. Pamphlet. Good No date(1934). 120pp Rusty staples.  £15.00  [£7.00]
[054972] Various. SONGS OF STRUGGLE: COLLECTION OF REVOLUTIONARY POEMS AND SONGS (in Russian). Geneva: Union of Russian Social Democrats, 1902. Pamphlet. Good 120pp Slightly worn, top corner a bit bumped. A very clean copy. In Russian.  £250.00  [£125.00]
[055559] Lindsay, Jack. JOHN BUNYAN - MAKER OF MYTHS. New York: Kelley, 1969. Hb. Good+ / No Jacket. 271pp Originally published 1937. Inside exceptionally clean but spine has slightly faded.  £6.00  [£3.00]
[055837] Craik, William. SYDNEY HILL AND N.U.P.E. Allen & Unwin, 1968. Hb.  Good+ / Good. 119pp  £6.00 [£3.00]
[055839] Carpenter, Mick. WORKING FOR HEALTH - THE STORY OF COHSE. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1988. Paperback. Good  407pp Minor crease in front cover. Story of the Confederation of Health Service Employees (which merged into UNISON with NALGO and NUPE).  £8.00  [£4.00]
[058040] Gillespie, Sarah. A HUNDRED YEARS OF PROGRESS: THE SCOTTISH TYPOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIATION, 1853-1952. Glasgow: The union, 1953. Hardcover. Good / No Jacket. 268pp  £6.00  [£3.00]
[058351] Moore, Bill. SHEFFIELD SHOP STEWARDS 1916-1918: OUR HISTORY PAMPHLET No.18. London: History Group of the Communist Party of Great Britain, 1960. Pamphlet.  Good  18pp  Large format.  £6.00  [£3.00]
[058616] Wheeler, Wendy (ed.). A New Modernity: Change in Science, Literature and Politics. London: Lawrence & Wishart, 1999. First Edition. Paperback. New 173pp  £12.00  [£4.00]
[060011] Browning, Robert. SLAVE SOCIETY: SOME PROBLEMS: OUR HISTORY PAMPHLET 35. London: History Group of the Communist Party of Great Britain, 1964. Pamphlet. Good 15pp Large format. Uncommon. Marxist analysis of slavery in ancient society.  £8.00  [£4.00]
[060396] Bundock, Clement. THE NATIONAL UNION OF PRINTING, BOOKBINDING AND PAPER WORKERS. Oxford University Press, 1959. Hardcover. Good / Good. 589pp Minor wear to dustwrapper.  £6.00  [£3.00]
[063083] Scaffardi, Sylvia. FIRE UNDER THE CARPET - WORKING FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES IN THE 1930s. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1986. PB.  Good  208pp  Author was active in the early days of the NCCL in the 1930s.  £6.00  [£3.00]
[063268] Various. SAOTHAR: JOURNAL OF THE IRISH LABOUR HISTORY SOCIETY Nos. 1-28 + Index. Dublin: Irish Labour History Society, 1975. Paperback. Very Good May 1975 - 2003. Most copies as new.  £350.00  [£175.00]
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