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December 2017

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A lot of new titles are being listed - hundreds of books on Marxism, especially economics, and all in excellent condition. Some very interesting early British socialist pamphlets - Clarion, Social Democratic Federation etc. And one from the little known Labour Abstentionist Party by Edgar Whitehead, with a Preface by Tom Mann.

There are early copies of the Communist International, interesting documents from the liberation movement in Zimbabwe, and a large collection of Fabian Society pamphlets.

January will see many new posters on our listings and with images on our website. We hope to produce Bargains Lists more often than in recent years.

Stacked Books


Every three months we will list a new selection of bargains – these have to be ordered direct from us and not via ABE, where they are listed at the full price. The bargain price is given in brackets after the current price.

Please note that description of condition of book comes first then condition of dustwrapper if there is one. Please see our bargains below:

[000198] Stalin. THE OCTOBER REVOLUTION. L&W, 1936. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 168pp  £7.00  [£3.00]
[003393] THE TRUTH ABOUT OBERLANDER - BROWN BOOK ON THE CRIMINAL FASCIST PAST OF ADENAUER'S MINISTER. Cttee. for German Unity, Berlin, 1960. Hb. Good+/Fair. 224pp  £10.00  [£3.00]
[003394] GREY BOOK: EXPANSIONIST POLICY AND NEO-NAZISM IN WEST GERMANY. National Council of National Front, GDR, 1967. Pb. Good. Slightly grubby. 232pp   Large format.  £15.00  [£6.00]
[004747] Margolies, David N. CHRISTOPHER CAUDWELL AND MARXIST CRITICISM 7 page article. London: in "Marxism Today" May 1967.  Very Good    [£5.00]
[005260] Stalin, J. STALIN'S HISTORIC SPEECH - REPORT ON WORK TO THE 18th CONGRESS CPSU. London: Modern Books, 1939. Pamphlet. Good 62pp Speech of March 10th.  £7.00  [£3.00]
[005402] Jones, Jack. ME AND MINE - FURTHER CHAPTERS IN THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Hamish Hamilton, 1946. Hardcover. Good / No Jacket. 428pp Follows on from "Unfinished Journey".  £6.00  [£2.00]
[006605] Deacon, Bob. SOCIAL POLICY AND SOCIALISM - THE STRUGGLE FOR SOCIALIST RELATIONS OF WELFARE. Pluto Press, 1983. Paperback. Very Good   307pp   £5.00  [£2.00]
[007779] Bower, Tom. BLIND EYE TO MURDER - BRITAIN, LATIN AMERICA & THE PURGING OF NAZI GERMANY: A PLEDGE BETRAYED. Deutsch, 1981. Hb. Very Good / Good. 501pp  £14.00  [£5.00]
[007782] WHITE BOOK ON THE BONN WAR TREATY. Information Office of the GDR, 1952. Paperback. Good+ 228pp  £12.00  [£6.00]
[008424] Arnot, R Page. THE POLITICS OF OIL. London: Labour Research Department, 1924. Paperback. Good   94pp   "Studies in Labour and Capital" series No.7.  £20.00  [£5.00]
[008523] Watkins, Steve. MEDICINE AND LABOUR - THE POLITICS OF A PROFESSION. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1987. Paperback. Good+   272pp  £6.00  [£3.00]
[009226] Heinemann, Margot. BRITAIN'S COAL. London: Victor Gollancz, 1944. Hb. Good / Fair. 195pp Preface by Will Lawther, President of Mineworkers' Federation of GB.  £6.00  [£3.00]
[009771] Halmos, Paul. THE PERSONAL AND THE POLITICAL - SOCIAL WORK AND POLITICAL ACTION. London: Hutchinson, 1978. Hardcover. Very Good / Good. 200pp  £6.00  [£3.00]
[009808] Thompson, Willie. NOAM CHOMSKY - 4 page article. London: in "Marxism Today" Oct 1971, 1971. Paperback (Stapled journal). Good+ 4pp  £5.00  [£2.00]
[011199] Milech, Barbara (editor). CULTURAL STUDIES Vol.1 No.3, October 1987. London: Methuen, 1987. Paperback. Good 131pp Marxism, structuralism, semiotics, psychoanalysis, feminism.  £8.00  [£4.00]
[011926] Stalin ON THE DRAFT CONSTITUTION OF THE USSR - REPORT AT 8th CONGRESS. CPSFW in the USSR, 1936. Pamphlet. G. 43pp  £6.00  [£2.00]
[012108] Flynn, Laurie. WE SHALL BE ALL - RECENT CHAPTERS IN THE HISTORY OF WORKING CLASS STRUGGLE IN SCOTLAND. London: Bookmarks, 1978. Paperback. Good 52pp  £5.00  [£2.00]
[012360] Leff, S & V. HEALTH AND HUMANITY. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1960. Hardcover. Good / No Jacket. 331pp  £10.00  [£5.00]
[012520] Hyde, Gordon. THE SOVIET HEALTH SERVICE - A HISTORICAL AND COMPARATIVE STUDY. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1974. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 352pp  £15.00  [£7.00]
[012895] Griffith, Ben; Iliffe, Steve; Rayner, Geof. BANKING ON SICKNESS - COMMERCIAL MEDICINE IN BRITAIN AND THE USA. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1987. Paperback. Good+ 287pp  £12.00  [£5.00]
[012903] O'Connor, Alan. RAYMOND WILLIAMS - WRITING, CULTURE, POLITICS. Oxford: Blackwell, 1981. Paperback. Very Good. 180pp  £8.00  [£4.00]
[014065] Silverman, D & Torode, B. THE MATERIAL WORLD: SOME THEORIES OF LANGUAGE & ITS LIMITS. RKP, 1980. Hb. Good+/Good. 354pp Looks at theories of language (Wittgenstein, Husserl, Derrida, Foucault) and applies them to texts ranging from Althusser, Bernstein, Labov, Kafka, Robbe-Grillet to Perrault. £20.00  [£10.00]
[014902] Mills, John. MANAGING THE WORLD ECONOMY. Macmillan, 2000. Hb. VG/G. 258pp £14.00 [£5.00]
[014904] Douglas, F C R. LAND-VALUE RATING. London: Hogarth Press, 1936. Hb. Good / Fair. 76pp Slight foxing on edges.  £10.00  [£5.00]
[014909] Hardy, George. THE COMING CHAOS - FAIR INCOME DISTRIBUTION THE PEACEFUL ALTERNATIVE. Self-published, 1983. Paperback. Good 200pp  £8.00  [£4.00]
[014932] Henderson, Fred. THE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF POWER PRODUCTION. Allen & Unwin, 1932. Hb. Good / Good. 220pp Cover dulled.  £13.00  [£6.00]
[014941] Demko, George (ed.) REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT - PROBLEMS & POLICIES IN EASTERN & WESTERN EUROPE. Croom Helm, 1984. Hb. VG / Good. 283pp  £25.00  [£8.00]
[015000] Alekseyev, A. THE BASIC ECONOMIC LAW OF MODERN CAPITALISM. Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1955. Pamphlet. Good 68pp  £6.00  [£3.00]
[015495] Birnie, Arthur. SINGLE-TAX GEORGE. London: Thomas Nelson, 1939. Hb. Fair / Fair. 159pp Page 157 - the short "Note on Books" at the end - has been removed.  £5.00  [£2.00]
[015884] Giddens, Anthony. THE THIRD WAY & ITS CRITICS. Polity, 2000. Pb. VG. 189pp £6.00 [£2.00]
[016771] Plutynski, A. THE GERMAN PARADOX: A STUDY OF GERMAN POLITICAL & ECONOMIC LIFE WITH SPECIAL CONSIDERATION OF THE PROBLEM OF EAST PRUSSIA. Wishart & Co., 1933. Hardcover. Good / No Jacket. 231pp Cover dulled.  £20.00  [£10.00]
[016798] EDUCATION TODAY AND TOMORROW. CPGB. 1965. 121 issues between Vol.17 Jan/Feb 1965 and Vol. 51 No.2, 1999 (final issue). Usually 4 issues per year, sometimes 5 and later 3 and 2. Almost certainly a complete run. With one 1 issue from 1961 added in. Generally Good-VG condition. Some are hole punched but no loss to text. The journal reflected significant CP influence in education and in the NUT. In 1984 the editorial board was changed to reflect the Eurocommunist line. After the CPGB's demise, the paper continued under Democratic Left. £250.00  [£125]
[016831] Root, Regina A. THE LATIN AMERICAN FASHION READER. Berg, 2005. Paperback. Fine 352ppAs new.  £15.00  [£7.00]
[017365] Bernstein, Hilda. SEPARATION. Corvo, 2003. Hb. VG/VG  281pp  Author was active in the liberation movement in South Africa. This book is about her father and sister, trapped in the USSR.  £10.00  [£5.00]
[017368] Johnstone, Archie. IN THE NAME OF PEACE. Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1952. Hardcover. Good / No Jacket. 152pp Previous owner's name. Johnstone was editor of "British Ally", Britain's Russian language newspaper who defected to the USSR in 1949.  £20.00  [£8.00]
[017384] Burchett, Wilfred. AT THE BARRICADES: THE MEMOIRS OF A REBEL JOURNALIST . London: Quartet Books, 1980. Hardcover. Good / No Jacket.  341pp Much on China, Korea, Indochina from the famous radical journalist. Dustwrapper creased and bit torn at edges.  £14.00  [£7.00]
[019015] Mackinnon, Marianne. THE NAKED YEARS: A YOUNG GIRL'S EXPERIENCES IN NAZI GERMANY. Corgi, 1989. Paperback. Good 319pp  £6.00  [£3.00]
[019100] Drulovic, Milojko. SELF-MANAGEMENT ON TRIAL. Nottingham: Spokesman, 1978. Hb. Very Good / Good+.    246pp  £14.00  [£7.00]
[019583] No author stated. STRIKING BACK. Welsh Campaign for Civil and Political Liberties, 1985. Paperback. Very Good 183pp  £6.00  [£2.00]
[019962] Kronenberger, Louis. THE EXTRAORDINARY MR WILKES. New English Library, 1974. Hardcover. Good+ / Good+.  269pp Bookplate.  £15.00  [£5.00]
[022294] Castle, Barbara. NHS REVISITED. Fabian Society, 1976. Pamphlet. Good+ 12pp Rare. £6.00  [£3.00]
[022329] Krause, David. SEAN O'CASEY: THE MAN AND HIS WORK. London: MacGibbon & Kee, 1967. Paperback. Good 340pp  £7.50  [£3.00]
[022344] Hutchins, B L. ROBERT OWEN: SOCIAL REFORMER. London: Fabian Society, 1928. Pamphlet. Good 24pp Rusty staples. Fabian Biographical Series No.2.  £6.00  [£3.00]
[024357] Dimitroff, G (Dimitrov). THE UNITED FRONT: THE STRUGGLE AGAINST FASCISM AND WAR. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1938. Hardcover. Good / No Jacket. 287pp  £12.00  [£5.00]
[024699] Institut fur Marxismus-Leninismus beim Zentralkomittee der SED. GESCHICHTE DER DEUTSCHEN ARBEITER BEWEGUNG 8 volumes. Berlin: Dietz Verlag, 1966. Hardcover. Good / Fair. Full set in German of the standard history. Each volume 500-700pp. Owner's name inside front cover; some pencil notes. Generally Good condition; one has small stain at bottom edge; one without dustwrapper; most dustwrappers are worn. LOT  £40.00  [£20.00]
[025003] Beynon, Huw (ed.). DIGGING DEEPER: ISSUES IN THE MINERS' STRIKE. London: Verso, 1985. Paperback. Good 252pp Small crease in corner. Contributors include B Fryer, K Howells, D Massey, J McIlroy, B Schwarz, C Sweet, H Wainwright, E Heffer etc.  £5.00  [£2.00]
[026586] Jones, M; Montgomery, D; Rowbotham, S. E P THOMPSON. in "Labour History Review" Vol.59 Part 1,1994. Paperback. Good. 3 articles remembering E P Thompson.  £6.00  [£3.00]
[028282] Taylor, Robert. THE FUTURE OF THE TRADE UNIONS. TUC 1994. Pb. Good 238pp £5.50 [£2.00]
[029389] Thompson, Paul. THE WORK OF WILLIAM MORRIS. Quartet, 1977. Pb. G.  325pp £7.50 [£3.00]
[029611] Belchem, John. POPULAR RADICALISM IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY BRITAIN. Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1996. Hardcover. Very Good / Very Good. 222pp  £30.00  [£15.00]
[030111] Jones, Mark. THE STORY OF DAVID GARETH JONES BY HIS FATHER. London: New Park Publications, 1985. Paperback. Very Good 79pp  £4.00  [£2.00]
[030645] Ball, A Gordon & Heady, Earl. SIZE, STRUCTURE AND FUTURE OF FARMS. Iowa State University Press, 1972. Hardcover. Very Good / No Jacket.   404pp  £12.00  [£5.00]
[030649] Clark, David. POST-INDUSTRIAL AMERICA. Methuen, 1984. Hb. VG/G. 220pp  £10.00  4.00]
[031852] Chmielewski, W; Kern, L; Klee-Hartzell, M (ed.) WOMEN IN SPIRITUAL & COMMUNITARIAN SOCIETIES IN THE UNITED STATES. Syracuse UP, 1993. Hb. Fine/No Jacket. 275pp  £20.00  [£8.00]
[031860] Moi, Toril. SEXUAL/TEXTUAL POLITICS: FEMINIST LITERARY THEORY. London: Methuen, 1987. Paperback. Good 206pp Owner's name.  £7.00  [£2.00]
[031861] Seidler, Victor. RECREATING SEXUAL POLITICS: MEN, FEMINISM AND POLITICS. London: Routledge, 1991. Paperback. Good 311pp  £8.00  [£4.00]
[032463] Dobb, Maurice. SOVIET ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SINCE 1917. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1972. Paperback. Good 515pp Owner's dedication inside front cover.  £6.00  [£3.00]
[032585] Jaques, Elliott. THE CHANGING CULTURE OF A FACTORY. London: Tavistock, 1952. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 341pp Three year study of an engineering factory in London.  £14.00  [£7.00]
[032784] Hastings, Somerville; Jay, Peggy. THE FAMILY AND THE SOCIAL SERVICES. London: Fabian Society, 1965. Pamphlet. Good+ 12pp. Fabian Tract 359.  £6.00  [£2.00]
[033730] Kampelman, Max M. THE COMMUNIST PARTY Vs. THE C.I.O.: A STUDY IN POWER POLITICS. Frederick Praeger, 1957. Hb. Good / Fair. 299pp Bump at head of spine. Uncommon. £25.00  [£8.00]
[033736] Marushkin, Boris. THE AMERICAN TRADITION: WHAT REMAINS? Moscow: Novosti Press Agency, 1975. Paperback. Good 102pp  £10.00  [£5.00]
[034961] Perlmann, Joel & Margo, Robert A. WOMEN'S WORK? AMERICAN SCHOOLTEACHERS, 1650-1920. University of Chicago Press, 2001. Hb. Very Good / Very Good. 188pp  £14.00  [£7.00]
[035235] Frow, Edmund & Frow, Ruth. WILLIAM MORRIS IN MANCHESTER AND SALFORD. Salford: Working Class Movement Library, 1996. Pamphlet. Very Good  28pp  £15.00  [£4.00]
[035675] Titmuss, Richard M. CHOICE AND THE 'WELFARE STATE'. London: Fabian Society, 1967. Pamphlet. Good+ 16pp Fabian Tract 370.  £6.00  [£2.00]
[036360] Coulter, Jim et al. STATE OF SIEGE - POLITICS AND POLICING IN THE COALFIELDS - MINERS' STRIKE 1984. London: Canary Press, 1984. Paperback. Good 241pp  £4.00  [£2.00]
[037293] Segal, Lynne; Coote, Diana Coote; Smith, Anne-Marie. RADICAL PHILOSOPHY No.83, 1997: 3 ARTICLES - GENERATIONS OF FEMINISM; FEMINISM WITHOUT NOSTALGIA; FEMINIST ACTIVISM IN THE USA. London: Radical Philosophy, 1997. Pamphlet. Fine  £5.00  [£2.00]
[037991] Salmon, Nicholas. WILLIAM MORRIS: HERO OF THE SOCIALIST MOVEMENT in "Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library" No. 128, Winter 1997/Spring 1998, 1998.  Very Good 18pp  £5.00  [£2.00]
[038480] Chapman, John Jay. PRACTICAL AGITATION. New York: Moffat, Yard & Co., 1909. Hb. Good+ / No Jacket. 157pp Nice copy of this new, revised edtion of original 1900 edition by well-respected American lawyer, journalist and essayist.  £25.00  [£8.00]
[038797] Menshikov, S. MILLIONAIRES AND MANAGERS: STRUCTURE OF THE U.S. FINANCIAL OLIGARCHY. Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1969. Hb. Good+ / Good. 327pp  £15.00  [£7.00]
[039201] Grant, Wyn. THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF CORPORATISM. London: Macmillan, 1985. Paperback. Good 274pp Slight crease on bottom of back cover, few pencil marks  £30.00  [£8.00]
[039501] Strachey, John. THE NATURE OF CAPITALIST CRISIS. London: Victor Gollancz, 1936. Paperback. Fair 384pp  £7.00  [£3.00]
[039716] Stern, Carola. ULBRICHT: A POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY. London: Pall Mall Press, 1965. Hb. Very Good / Good. 231pp  £20.00  [£10.00]
[039782] Garside, W R. THE DURHAM MINERS, 1919-60. London: George Allen & Unwin, 1971. Hb. Good / Fair. 544pp  £10.00  [£5.00]
[040222] Prothero, Cliff. RECOUNT. Ormskirk: G W & A Hekseth, 1982. Paperback. Good+ 118pp Miner, active in General Strike, union official; later Labour Party organiser for Wales.  £7.00  [£3.00]
[040302] Molnar, F. ECONOMIC GROWTH AND RECESSIONS IN THE USA. Budapest: Akademiai Kiado, 1970. Hb. Good+ / Fair. 304pp. Dust wrapper has small tear.  £20.00  [£8.00]
[040340] Byles, J B. SOPHISMS OF FREE TRADE & POPULAR POLITICAL ECONOMY. Seeleys, 1851. Full-Leather. Good 384pp. From the library of Eric Heffer, MP - with his ownership signature.  £40.00  [£20.00]
[041070] ELEMENTARY ECONOMICS. London: Workers' Bookshop, 1937. Pamphlet. Good No date (c1937). 16pp Published by the Communist Party's retail & wholesale bookshop.  £6.00  [£3.00]
[041609] Minkin, Lewis. THE LABOUR PARTY CONFERENCE. Manchester University Press, 1978. Hb. Good+ / Good+.  426pp  £15.00  [£7.00]
[042929] ON THE STATE OF THE PUBLIC HEALTH: ANNUAL REPORT OF THE CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER OF THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH FOR THE YEAR 1934. London: HMSO, 1935. Paperback. Good 207pp Stamp of the National Unemployed Workers' Movement.  £25.00  [£12.00]
[042937] Wilkinson, Paul. THE NEW FASCISTS.  Pan, 1983. Paperback. Good. 231pp  £6.00  [£2.00]
[043136] Riordan, James. Soviet Sport: Background to the Olympics. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1980. Paperback.   Good+   172pp  £10.00  [£5.00]
[044001] DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE OF THE VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE USA. Dresden: Panorama DDR / Verlag Zeit im Bild, 1977. Pamphlet. Good 16pp  £10.00  [£5.00]
[044165] Flynn, E Gurley. THE TWELVE AND YOU: WHAT HAPPENS TO DEMOCRACY IS YOUR BUSINESS, TOO! New York: New Century Publishers, 1948. Pamphlet. Good 23pp On the trial of twelve leaders of the American Communist Party under the Smith Act.  £10.00  [£5.00]
[044728] Silone, Ignazio. EMERGENCY EXIT. Gollancz, 1969. Hb. G+/G 207pp Leading member of underground in Italy. Was he a spy, as new, controversial, evidence suggests?  £10.00  [£4.00]
[045428] THE POSITION OF THE COAL MINER: THE FACTS! London: Miners' Federation of GB, 1933. Pamphlet. Good  36pp Uncommon. With cartoons and diagrams and photographs. Rusty staples.  £10.00  [£5.00]
[047936] Samuel, Raphael ed. MINERS, QUARRYMEN AND SALTWORKERS. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1977. Paperback. Good+   363pp History Workshop Series.  £7.00  [£3.00]
[048588] Paul, Ellen Frankel; Miller, Fred D; Paul, Jeffrey (ed.). Problems of Market Liberalism. Cambridge University Press, 1998. Paperback. Very Good 448pp  £20.00  [£10.00]
[049302] Stalin, J. ECONOMIC PROBLEMS OF SOCIALISM IN THE USSR. Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1952. Paperback. Good 104pp  £5.00  [£2.00]
[050461] Buchan, A. THE RIGHT TO WORK - THE STORY OF THE UPPER CLYDE CONFRONTATION. London: Calder & Boyars, 1972. Paperback. Good+   160pp  £8.50  [£3.00]
[050895] Davies, J; Lord Gifford; Richards, Tony. POLITICAL POLICING IN WALES. Cardiff: Welsh Campaign for Civil and Political Liberties, 1984. First Edition. Paperback. Good+  111pp Report of a public enquiry into policing and the Explosives Trial.  £7.00  [£3.00]
[052166] Kennedy, Ellen & Mendus, Susan ed. WOMEN IN WESTERN POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY. New York: St Martin's Press, 1987. Hb. Very Good / Good. 215pp  £16.00 [£8.00]
[052213] Hutchinson, Lester. THE RISE OF CAPITALISM. London: NCLC Publishing Society (National Council of Labour Colleges), 1941. Pamphlet. Good 18pp Author was famous for his role in the Meerut Conspiracy Trial, and his writings on India. Cover map by J Horrabin. Uncommon.  £15.00  [£5.00]
[052492] USSR SPEAKS FOR ITSELF Volume 1: INDUSTRY . London: Lawrence & Wishart, 1941. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 9 5pp    Exteror slightly dusted, internally very clean.  £10.00 [£2.00]
[053027] COLLECTION OF 134 INSTITUTE OF EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS PAMPHLETS AND PAPERBACKS. Good+  This very extensive collection is in excellent condition - mostly Very Good, many as new. 21 paperbacks, the rest are pamphlets. Includes 18 of the annual Labour Law Review. A very comprehensive collection that serves as useful archive on labour law and trade union activity for the period covered. All are written by leading legal & academic experts. The IER is a think tank set up with trade union support in 1989. £300.00 [£150]
[058740] Halliday, Fred. THE MAKING OF THE SECOND COLD WAR. London: Verso, 1984. Paperback. Good.  278pp  2nd edition.  £10.00  [£4.00]
[060327] COLLECTION OF T.U.C. DOCUMENTS ON THE GENERAL STRIKE London. 49 documents from the strike, a few on the aftermath, early 1927. Includes 4 Progress of Strike Reports, 2 Official Bulletins, 15 Summaries of Statements Broadcast by the BBC, Intelligence Committee Reports, 4 Minutes of General Council, Report by Special Industrial Committee of the GC, Confidential Report on the Mining Dispute, Report by the Strike Organisation Committee, Report of Food & Essential Services Committee, Chief Criticisms of the General Council, Speech by A J Cook in Moscow (December 1926), Accounts etc. Mostly roneo copies, 3 printed. Plus 3 circulars from the Scottish Typographical Association (4 slightly different accounts of correspondence with newspaper publishers), Sailors' & Firemen's Union and the Electricians. Good. Some rusty staples.  £350.00  [£175]
[060619] Richards, Andrew J. MINERS ON STRIKE: CLASS SOLIDARITY AND DIVISION IN BRITAIN. Oxford: Berg, 1996. First Edition. Hb. Fine / As issued - no dustwrapper. 269pp As new. Compares the British miners' strikes of 1972, 1974 and 1984/5.  £20.00  [£10.00]
[063521] Tames, Richard. WILLIAM MORRIS. Aylesbury: Shire Publications, 1972. Paperback. Very Good  48pp    Lifelines Series.  £5.00  [£2.00]
[064002] Dreiser, Theodore. HEY, RUB-A-DUB-DUB! A BOOK OF THE MYSTERY AND WONDER AND TERROR OF LIFE. Constable, 1931. Pb. Good 320pp Spine faded & cover slightly faded.  £10.00  [£5.00]
[064740] Marx, Karl. CAPITAL VOLUME 1. Chicago: Charles H Kerr, 1906. First Thus. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 869pp Translated from the 3rd German edition by Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling, and edited by Engels - Revised and Amplified after the 4th German Edition by Ernest Untermann. Engels only started a revision of this edition a year before he died. Untermann's introductory Note refers to this as the first American edition. This is the first edition based on the standard 4th German edition. Uncommon.  £200.00  [£100.00]
[066467] Stalin, J. THE FOUNDATIONS OF LENINISM. Peking: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1970. Paperback. Very Good 124pp  £4.00  [£2.00]
[068829] Dickson, Tony (ed.). SCOTTISH CAPITALISM: CLASS, STATE AND NATION FROM BEFORE THE UNION TO THE PRESENT. Lawrence and Wishart, 1980. Hb. Very Good / Good. 335pp Contributors include Jim Brown, Keith Burgess, Tony Clarke, John Foster, Peter Smith, Willie Thompson.  £12.00  [£6.00]
[068833] Hassan, G & Warhurst, C (ed.) TOMORROW'S SCOTLAND. L&W, 2002. Pb. New 256pp Includes: Nicola McEwen, David Seawright, Peter Lynch, Lynn Bennie, Lindsay Paterson, James McCormick, Richard Parry, Alf Young, Richard Mitchell, Chris Warhurst, Rowena Arshad, Janice Kirkpatrick, Tom Nairn.  £10.00  [£5.00]
[069236] Wheatley, John. HOW THE MINERS ARE ROBBED. London: Pluto Press, 1973. Pamphlet. Good+ 19pp Reprint of 5th ed. of 1908. Intro. by Ray Challinor. Even this reprint is not very common now. £6.00  [£3.00]
[071378] Williams, J Roose (ed.) T E NICHOLAS: PROFFWYD SOSIALAETH A BARDD GWRTHRYFEL Pwyllgor Cymreig y Blaid Gomiwnyddol, 1970. Pamphlet. VG No date (1970s). 44pp Tributes to, and studies of, the revolutionary Welsh poet who was Congregational minister, dentist, friend of Keir Hardie and foundation member of the CPGB. Includes bibliography. All in Welsh. Published by the Welsh Committee of the CPGB.  £8.00  [£3.00]
[071468] Jordan, Heather. THE 1842 GENERAL STRIKE IN SOUTH WALES. London: Our History Pamphlet No. 75, CPGB, 1982. Pamphlet. Very Good  24pp  £5.00  [£2.00]
[072905] Stalin, J. PROBLEMS OF LENINISM. Foreign Language Publishing House, 1940. 1st Edition. Hb. Good+/As issued - no dustwrapper. 667pp Based Contains Stalin's major texts including 'Foundations of Leninism' and 'On the Problems of Leninism'. With ribbon bookmark. Light wear to edges; internally very clean. £15.00  [£7.00]
[074236] SOCIALIST REVIEW 1978-2015. London: Socialist Workers' Party, 1980.  April 1978 to June 2015 (No.1 to No.403). A4 format. Complete. Monthly journal of the SWP, occasionally bi-monthly. Includes Index to Nos1-198 (which also explains the puzzling numbering system!) Most are as new. £400.00  [£200.00]
[075354] Saville, J & Thompson, E P (ed.) THE NEW REASONER No.4, Spring 1958. Paperback. Good 140pp Includes Konni Zilliacus on "A Socialist Foreign Policy", John Rex on "Central Africa & Racial Dictatorship", unpublished poems by Montagu Slater, Paul Hogarth on Diego Rivera etc. Rusty staples.  £8.00  [£4.00]
[076704] Nairn, Tom. SCOTLAND: ANOMALY IN EUROPE 26 page article. London: in "New Left Review" 83, January/February 1974, 1974. Good+  £6.00  [£2.00]
[076948] Todd, Nigel. IN EXCITED TIMES: THE PEOPLE AGAINST THE BLACKSHIRTS. Whitley Bay: Bewick Press /Tyne & Wear Anti-Fascist Association, 1995. Pb. VG 130pp Anti-fascism in the NE  £10.00 [£5.00]
[080235] WHO BACKS MOSLEY? FASCIST PROMISE AND FASCIST PERFORMANCE. Labour Research Department, 1934. Pamphlet. Good  36pp Cover dulled. Uncommon.  £20.00  [£10.00]
[080239] Pritt, D N. THE MOSLEY CASE. London: Labour Monthly Publication, 1944. First Edition. Pamphlet. Good 32pp Rusty staples.  £7.00  [£3.00]
[081170] Bambery, C. KILLING THE NAZI MENACE: HOW TO STOP THE FASCISTS. London: SWP, 1992. Pamphlet. VG  46pp Looks at Fascism in the 1930s and rise of fascism in Europe in 1980s.  £6.00  [£2.00]
[083381] Edward Said . Out of Place: A Memoir. London: Granta Books, 1999. First Edition. Hardcover. Very Good / Very Good. 295pp  £12.00  [£6.00]


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