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April 2022

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From 4 April to 29 April we are having a Sale on ABEBooks. For this period there is a discount of 15% on all titles listed. The aim is make more space for new titles. Space has increasingly been a problem for us, with higher and higher piles of books on our shelves and no spare room in our back room for new arrivals. Well, we always find some space, but it becomes difficult to move around without knocking over boxes and piles of books.

Some time this year we will put up several collections for sale. The largest will be the CP Collection - everything by and about the CPGB. This will reflect over thirty years of collecting, and was the basis for my Bibliography of the CPGB. It is being added to all the time with new publications and very occasionally I find an item by the CP that was missing and not known about. For instance, only last week I discovered, folded up unobtrusively in a Left Book Club title that we bought, an 8 page pamphlet PBR and the Second Front published by the Port Branch of the CP in Liverpool. This is undoubtedly one of the best collections in the world and will have some material not in the British Library, the People's History Museum, the Marx Memorial Library or the Working Class Movement Library. Let's hope there's an institution somewhere in the world with some room for it. That will give us some more space.

HAmong recent stock, we have acquired some books from the collection of Lewis Minkin, who was one of the country's leading writers on Labour Party structures and the relationship between the Party and the trade unions.

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